Using a Hairdryer in a Painting

Fluid Acrylic Painting with a Hairdryer

So I often use my hairdryer in my paintings to get out the bubbles from the paint and resin and to get some cells appearing with the silicone but I decided this time to use it to actually move the paint around.

The video is included below and for this painting I used an initial base coat of a liquid white paint (it is just white mixed with water on this occasion) and then added a few blue/green colours from a cup. The blues and greens were ones that I had left on my shelf from other pours so I can’t give you exact colours on them but I usually use a mixture of permanent green light with either cerulean blue or sometimes with some Prussian blue and some white.

I also can’t really guarantee what the paints were mixed with I’m afraid but I do generally always mix with water and sometimes add other things. I don’t think there was any silicone in any of the paints as I didn’t see any sign of it when I poured it.

After pouring on the liquid white and spreading it around with my icing smoother I I added the blue colours on top. In hindsight I would add less of the blue next time around as that would possibly produce more wispy effects.

I started with the hairdryer on low and then decided I needed it on high to actually move the paint around. I think the paint needs to be reasonably liquid to move but be careful you don’t start off too close to the canvas and cover everything else with paint!

I like the effects that happen when you move the white back on to the coloured paint and cause some splashes and also when it moves a small amount of the colour into the white. I more often than not add some glitter and gold or silver powder to the painting when it is almost finished and this was no exception! Silver powder and blue glitter in this case.

Once the painting is dry I will cover it in resin. If anyone has an idea for a title for it please comment below!

Here is the video, I have sped it up 4x actual speed:


6 thoughts on “Using a Hairdryer in a Painting

  1. Thank you so much for sharing both the You Tube video of creating the painting along with the link to instructions. The painting is beautiful and a method I will, for certain, try!

    1. Hi Riaan, I’m not sure it really matters (it is a really old one anyway) – the only thing that does matter is that it has a cold setting on it so that it does not form a skin on the paint.

  2. If I use a acrylic paint on a plastic and use a hair dryer, will it make it close to permanent in day to day use. On something like kindle or laptop.

    1. Hi Satyam, I have never tried painting on a laptop or Kindle and would be surprised if the paint didn’t peel off that kind of surface (you can peel it off plastic) so maybe you might need to prime it somehow and also seal it? Sorry I don’t have more info but I’m sure there must be people who have done this.

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