About This Site

Welcome to this site focusing purely on fluid acrylic paintings and how to create them.

I am a professional artist who first started creating fluid acrylic paintings in around 2006 after mixing up some watered down paint and experimenting! Since then I have gone on to create and sell probably around 200 fluid acrylic paintings using different thicknesses of paint and some slightly differing methods. This is however, just a subset of the over 600 paintings that I have sold to date but it is one of my favourite ways of creating paintings.

Large fluid acrylic painting in situ
Large fluid acrylic painting in situ

Paintings I have sold have ranged in size from small 15x15cm studies to large artworks, the biggest of which measured 180 x 180cm and was custom made for an interior designer for a villa in Abu Dhabi.

I have been experimenting in different ways of creating fluid acrylic paintings and posted a video on YouTube a few years ago about one of my creations which has had nearly half a million views, so I thought it would be useful to fully explore different ways of creating these paintings and sharing those methods with other people.

Many Methods

There are many ways of creating fluid acrylic paintings and I do not profess to be an expert in them all! There are many people out there creating paintings using different methods and paint additives and I will try and share as many of those methods on here and the results of those fantastic artists.

You Can Do It!

The great thing about fluid acrylic paintings is that anyone can do them. You just need to know a few basics and then you can give it a try yourself and it is a great way to create your own abstract art for your own home. Of course it is not always that simple. It is quite easy to end up with a washed up messy mixture of colors so it’s important to be quite careful with your colors and how you create your painting.

In terms of creating a fluid acrylic painting, you need a couple of things – the paint and the medium(s). Different artists use different mediums and I will be exploring all of the options that I come across and creating pages for each technique, once I have tried them all out.

You can use the simplest technique, which is the one that I started with, which basically just mixes the paint with water. Or you can use other media which could be PVA, pouring mediums, silicone, rubbing alcohol among other things.

The key on one of these paintings is to know when it is done! A few times I have pushed the paint just a little bit too far and ended up having to scrape the whole lot off and start again. But at the end of the day I have to be 100% happy with a painting I have created or else I wouldn’t expect anyone else to buy it.

Abstract art is becoming increasingly more popular and people are getting ever more keen, particularly with the advent of Pinterest to point you in the right direction, to try and create their own artwork. In this way you can create a painting that matches your decor and be proud of the fact that it is something you created yourself.


On this site you will find a few videos of my own and those of other people who also create this type of abstract painting. I will also go into details about the different methods that I use and share various tips in the blog section of the website. You can also see some pictures of the finished paintings and some ideas for colour selection.

With my latest collection of fluid acrylic paintings I have used a resin coating to cover them and this has really given them an extra dimension so I will be going into detail about how to finish the paintings too.

What to Buy

I also have a page which shows where you can get hold of the products that myself and other artists use. Here you will generally find links to the products on Amazon UK and US – the main reason being that they are big marketplaces where you can get pretty much anything you want at the click of a button! Obviously you can source these products elsewhere too. I am an Amazon affiliate and do earn commission from any purchases made but this does enable me to buy more materials and to keep experimenting and posting videos on YouTube of those experiments.

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