Fluid Acrylic Clock Painting

A friend of mine over in another country had been making some lovely resin clocks for a while on MDF and, as I would not be impinging on her market at all, I thought I would try making one on an LP as I had a bunch of old records hanging around and I thought there were some that I would be unlikely to listen to again!

I was just going to do a standard swipe on the record and it had been hanging around my studio for a while waiting, but then I got hold of a record player that was going to end up on the tip as it wasn’t working properly so I had the idea to do the clock as a swipe on the record player and see how it would turn out.

Obviously I had to do a video of this which is shown below. My only problem is that I swiped with my arm right in front of the camera so that you can’t really see the swipe itself! Doh!

The record with paint on is a bit flimsy in itself. I added a coating of resin which looked really good and it was just about stable enough not to bend.

Choosing a clock mechanism was a bit tricky as there are different lengths of spindle and hands but I eventually chose one with 11.5cm hands and a medium length spindle. The only problem with it though was that it didn’t have a hook on the mechanism to hang the clock on the wall so I had to superglue one on. So next time I will look for a slightly different one.

Anyway, I only finished the clock the morning of a big outdoor fair that I was taking part in (as I had returned from holiday late the night before) and immediately got a lot of interest in it. In fact it was the first thing to sell on my stand so I quickly took a picture of it finished before it went off to its new home.

I will be doing more clocks as it seemed popular and I have more records sitting around!

The clock before it went to its new home. I like the contrast of the hands against the paint colours.



2 thoughts on “Fluid Acrylic Clock Painting

  1. Do you do anything to prepare your canvas? I hear some use Gesso, but do you or do you have to? What do it actually do

    1. Hi Heather, sorry for the delay in replying, your message got caught in spam! No, I don’t use gesso as I buy primed canvases and they don’t necessarily need it. I only use gesso to go over something I don’t want any more.

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