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Pouring Mediums

A pouring medium is a liquid additive that is mixed with acrylic paints to help them flow more easily and create a smoother, more cohesive surface when applied to a canvas or other surface. Pouring mediums are designed to reduce the viscosity of the paint, making it more fluid and easier to pour. They also… Read More Pouring Mediums


What is Fluid Art?

Fluid art is a type of abstract painting that involves the use of paints with a watery consistency and special techniques to create a flowing, organic look. To create a fluid art painting, you will need the following materials:


Adding a Frame

So I have been using some really nice quality canvases that are thin edge recently – they are from Jackson’s and they are 60 x 60cm. This size seems to sell well as it is a good size for houses around my area I think. I don’t tend to frame my pictures very often as… Read More Adding a Frame