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Fluid Acrylic Wave Paintings

I have always been fascinated by the sea and in particular the fabulous colours in seas other than those in the UK! Having lived in Dubai I have seen what colour a turquoise sea can be and those are the seas we all dream about (although I know there are even more fantastic ones that those in the UAE). Australia also has some fantastic coloured seas and basically the turquoise/azure colours are my favourites (one of the reasons I chose the name of my own website as Azure Art).

So I have always painted seas in different ways but in the last couple of years, having started using the resin as a top coat, I have done a series of wave paintings using fluid acrylics and often the swipe technique. I have finally got a good one of these on video (having previously recorded a few that haven’t worked that well and not recorded ones that have!).

You can see the fluid acrylic wave painting video (which is on my YouTube channel) below:

I watered down the paints and added Floetrol to a few colours. I also added the rubbing alcohol to the green and silicone to one of the turquoise colours. I added PVA to the darker blues to give them more body as they can end up a bit translucent.

The paints need to be about the thickness of double cream so that they blend in the right consistency and do not run off too much. Sometimes the running off works so it is all down to preference and trial and error.

I used 2 of my trusty spreaders to move the paint around and to swipe the wave (you can see exactly what these are on the products page). It takes a bit of practice to not over spread and just be confident with a few swipes! It is worth trying this out on a cheap canvas first just to get the feel of the spreader.

Another fluid acrylic wave painting that I did is shown below. It was done with the same method as the one above but obviously they all come out differently.

Wave painting using Floetrol


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