What to do with Fluid Acrylic Paintings That Don’t Work!

Some cards made from an existing painting that didn’t work as a whole.

So I posted a few months ago about creating some greeting cards using some canvas pads that I had and cut up into small squares to make some individual pieces to put on blank greeting cards. As they had been selling so well, I realised that I could make some more cards in a slightly different way.

I think when you do fluid acrylic paintings there are always some paintings that you do that may not quite work as you had planned or hoped. Sometimes I know that the painting hasn’t worked as soon as I have done it and I will scrape the paint off so that I can use the canvas for something else.

But other times it may well be that I am not sure whether something will be OK when it is dry or maybe I think it is Ok but it just hasn’t sold. In any case I realised that I could cut up those paintings into small pieces and also use those for cards. I had one painting that I had actually put resin on that I was able to cut up to a certain extent (unfortunately some of the resin had pooled in the middle so I couldn’t use that as it was too thick to cut up) and also a painting that I hadn’t put resin on but that I knew only part of it was as I wanted it to be.

So I have used those paintings to make more cards. This has been especially helpful in that I sold almost half of all of my cards at an event last weekend and I have another event this weekend so I needed a reasonably quick way to make some more cards.

They have come out really well as there are often small parts of a painting that look lovely in a small piece but not so great in a large one.

Also, this feels like a really good way to recycle things and to reduce waste as otherwise the canvas would likely have been thrown away. I can restretch more canvas onto the existing frames and selling the cards will pay for this extra canvas.

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