Adding a Frame

So I have been using some really nice quality canvases that are thin edge recently – they are from Jackson’s and they are 60 x 60cm. This size seems to sell well as it is a good size for houses around my area I think.

I don’t tend to frame my pictures very often as I think frame choice is a very personal one and what I like may not be what someone else likes. Added to that the chances are that the frame might get damaged when taking it around exhibitions etc. I did make some frames for my canvas board paintings a while back but I think this one looks more professional.

But I recently found a video for making a floating frame that I thought would look really good with my wave paintings so thought that I would give it a go as I now have a proper mitre saw for doing the corner pieces.

I’ll start off by showing you a picture of the end result so you can see if you like it!

I did this one in a white frame but obviously you can choose whatever colour you like.

The good thing about this frame is that, even though I have put it on this picture, I can change it to another one of the same size if the buyer doesn’t want the frame.

The video that I found on how to make the frame was this one:

White gloss spray paint for framesI used pine from my local DIY store and firstly put an undercoat/primer on before using a gloss spray to finish it. I think the spray gives a much more professional finish to the frame than actually painting it (and I think is much quicker to do as well). In fact I have had a few people ask me where I got the frame from so hopefully that means it doesn’t look home made!

The gloss spray paint that I used is shown on the left – I also bought that from my local DIY store when I got the wood but looking at it on Amazon (UK) I will buy it from there next as I can get 3 cans for only a bit more than I paid for one!

The paint does have quite a strong smell so I would recommend spraying outside if you can, otherwise make sure the area is well ventilated.

Another good thing on making your own frame is that if it does get some damage you can always repair it with a sander and some more paint.

I have just put this painting up in a gallery yesterday so will see if there are any comments on the frame and whether people like it or not.


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