Small Pours with Silicone

So I have bought 8 small canvases that are going to form part of some goody bags that will be given to visitors to my studio during my Open Studio in June this year. I wanted to include an acrylic pour canvas in each bag as well as a bunch of other little gifts to say thank you for coming.

I do find that small canvases often work better than the larger ones – perhaps it is because you don’t have to move the paint around quite so much (although I suppose if you use more pots on a bigger canvas that might not be the case but it is tricky to flip more pots!).

I started with 2 of the canvases and went for 3 basic colours – the video is below – and they came out quite nicely.

The colours I used were a lemon yellow, alizarin crimson (although it looks more red on the video) and a blue that I already had mixed up (a medium turquoise-like colour).

I added a good dash of silicone to the yellow and gave it a bit of a shake.

In terms of the paint I only used water as the medium to get the paint to the right consistency.

I poured the 3 colours a bit at a time into a plastic pot and did a flip pour. Once the paint had covered the whole canvas I used the hairdryer to produce some cells and then added some gold powder and some glitter.

I always put masking tape around the edge of my canvases before I start so that I can control the paint when it wants to fall off the canvas, so once the paint is spread all over, I removed the masking tape.

I got some quite nice cells on these 2 canvases and am pretty pleased with the end result. I will post more pictures once they are dry.

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