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Purple & Pink Dirty Cup Pour

So I was doing some small canvas pours for freebies for my upcoming open studios and this is the one that I think has come out the nicest.

I used 5 paint colours in this pour as follows:

  1. white
  2. permanent magenta
  3. velvet purple
  4. silver
  5. deep turquoise
These are the paints that I used.

I only used a really small amount of the deep turquoise as I wanted the painting to be mostly pink and purple. I did add a fair bit of the silver although you can’t see it quite so much in this painting.

What I generally do is to mix my paint in small plastic bottles so I just use as much as I need for that pour. I can then use that bottle a number of times which saves waste. This does mean however, that I take a chance as to whether I previously added silicone to the bottle of paint that I am using!

I also tend to just mix my paint with water – I think as long as you use a good quality paint with a decent pigment you can do this. Cheaper paint may tend to wipe off when you clean it up if you use that.

So I added all of the paint colours to my cup one at a time, leaving the white until last and adding mostly the pink and purple.

One thing I did a bit differently this time was to let the cup sit on the canvas for a couple of minutes before releasing the paint. I think this may have helped the cell formation.

I also blew it with a hairdryer for a short while before spreading the paint over the canvas which can make the cells bigger.

Anyway, I really like the finished result of this one so I will try and do a bigger one and this time I will get the video camera out as I didn’t bother to video this small pour this time.

I will also give it a couple of weeks to dry before I apply the resin on top.

The finished painting (when still wet!)

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