Fluid Acrylics Using a Lazy Susan

I have seen some people and some videos recently where the artists use a Lazy Susan when creating their fluid acrylic/acrylic pour paintings and thought this could be quite useful.

The videos that I have seen to create fluid acrylics using a Lazy Susan, use it in varying degrees to either just help the artist get to the painting easily or to actually create some patterns in the painting by spinning the Lazy Susan around.

Also some artists use the actual Lazy Susan (usually a wooden one) for the painting and some use a Lazy Susan as a means to turning the canvas that they are painting on.

I haven’t seen any very radical changes to the painting occur when using it to spin around (although I am sure you could create some interesting effects if you did use it for that reason) but mostly the effects are more subtle.

Before I go any further I should explain what a Lazy Susan is in case you are wondering! It is basically a base that is used by cake makers in particular to be able to work on all sides of a cake by spinning it around. You can also buy more heavy duty ones that are used for TV stands and monitors.

It has two parts, one that stays still on the worktop that you are using and then the top part turns round when you move it by hand (a bit like a manual record turntable for those who are old enough to remember those!). It could be quite useful to screw the Lazy Susan down onto a board so that it doesn’t go walkabout when you are spinning it!

So you can buy a Lazy Susan from cake shops and other places – in fact it looks like you can get a wooden one from Ikea at selected locations. I will also add a link in my shop page if you can’t get out to buy one and you want to order one from Amazon.

So here are a couple of examples of people using the Lazy Susan to help with their fluid acrylic paintings:

This video is from Em4Art2 D and she uses the Lazy Susan to quite good effect by spinning so that the paint changes it’s formation a bit. I also like the fact that she takes things off and does them again when she doesn’t like the immediate result as I am sure we an all relate to that!

This video has some pretty high speed spinning in for a slightly different effect:



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