Fluid Pour with Blues

Fluid acrylic paint pour blue

This is the detailed description for the video that I have posted on YouTube which is a nice pour (in my opinion!) which uses 5 colours in blue shades together with Floetrol, silicone and iridescent medium and produces some nice cells.

I mixed up the 4 colours in seperate cups as follows:

White mixed with floetrol and a small amount of water

Yellowish Green – I mixed up a small amount of a light iridescent green with some yellow paint and then added the floetrol and a small amount of water

Pale Sky Blue – this was a ready mixed paint that was just a cheap one that I liked the colour of which is effectively a medium blue mixed with white. Floetrol and a small amount of water were added too as well as some iridescent medium.

Process Cyan – this is one of my favourite blue colours – also with Floetrol, water and iridescent medium added.

Pussian Blue (hue) – another one of my favourites, as per the others mixed with Floetrol, water and iridescent medium.

Once all of the paints had been mixed to a consistency of double cream I added I would say around 0.5ml of the liquid silicone (see the products page for details, it is the treadmill lubricant) and gave each colour a good mix.

I then took a separate cup and poured in small amounts of each colour until I had all of the paint in the new cup. I probably split the paint up into around 4 parts.

Once all of the paint was in the new cup I gave it a couple of stirs and then poured it onto the canvas. I spread the paint into the corners and then used the blowtorch to force some more cells to the top.

You can see the full video here:

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