Floetrol and Silicone

So with my shipment of Floetrol having arrived I decided to go straight into testing it out with a small painting ( 6 x 6 inches) in bright colours.

I wanted to do a painting that used the fluorescent paints that I had (I had fluorescent pink, orange, and green and also a really bright yellow). To this paints I added the lovely sky blue that I had bought last week as I thought it went quite well.

I also decided that this time I would make the paint slightly thicker than normal for my fluid acrylic paintings as I didn’t want the colours to blend in with each other too easily and I wanted some kind of circles and lines that could be distinguishable.

As some of my paints were different makes they were all different consistencies and so I needed to add differing amounts of Floetrol to each one to get the same consistency of mixed paint.

Once I had settled on the consistency I added some of the spray silicone to each colour.

Although I did put all of the different colours into one cup, I didn’t mix it too much and instead of turning the cup upside down on the canvas I poured the paint on the canvas from the cup. I wanted to do this to get some swirls and lines that I might not otherwise get.

So for this experiment I found that I didn’t really get any cells. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t add any water to the paint, or the paint was too thick, but I suspect that might be the case. I may well try this one again but with the paint being more fluid and see what happens there. I don’t want to become too disheartened with the Floetrol as I know it works for other people so I will obviously keep on going with it.

This is the finished painting:

Fluorescent Fluid Acrylic Painting
Fluorescent Fluid Acrylic Painting

The colours came out nicely as I had hoped anyway and I think it will look really nice once I have painted the edges and put a coat of resin on top, so I will be keeping/selling this painting.

Anyway, here is the video below, let me know if I have missed out any information or if you have any questions:


4 thoughts on “Floetrol and Silicone

    1. Hi Pat, I don’t think they should be disposed of down your general plumbing (although they don’t appear to be toxic) so you might need to check your local authority for waste disposal options. You could add sand or something similar to dispose of any waste.

  1. Hello if you let the paints dry in the bottom catcher they can be peeled off like a sheet of paper. Mine come off in one piece as long as I let them fully dry

    1. Hi Veronica, yes that is a good point. Personally I don’t have any use for them (and I don’t have much drippage!) so I don’t bother 🙂

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