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Purple and Gold Abstract Painting

I recently created a slightly different purple abstract painting using fluid acrylic paints. The method was as per the long instructions that you can find on this page. Further information is below:

This painting used quite a lot of white paint, I wanted to have the effect of the purple floating through the painting with white at the top and bottom. I also liked the color combination of gold leaf with purple so this was applied when dry.

The full video of me creating the painting is here:

The paint was watered down to approximately 1:1 paint to water although the alizarin crimson was watered down a bit more for more paint movement.


The colours I used were Winsor Violet, Alizarin Crimson and a general purple mix that I had made up for other paintings. I used a fair bit of Titanium White as well.

I applied the paint and ensured it was all together as an unbroken surface using the icing spreader (this also gives a good effect as it kind of suctions the paint and swirls it together). These are very cheap and really useful –┬ásee the recommended products page for more info.

I also sprayed the painting with a bit of water (using an old kitchen spray bottle) so that the paint would move about a bit more.


I then sprinkled on some purple glitter and some gold powder for extra effect. (Got to love some glitter!)

I popped as many of the bubbles as I could and also tried to make sure that none of the canvas was showing through.

These paintings usually take a day or two to dry, depending on how much water you use in the paint and also how much paint you use.


I left this one to dry for a couple of days just to make sure. Once it was dry I painted the sides white and added some gold leaf on to the purple section, using craft mount to stick it on so that it would go on reasonably feathered, as you can see in the video.

On top of this I added a coat of Art Resin to really bring out the colours. I have tried a few resins but I do find this one to be the best – see recommended products for that one too.

When adding the resin I inserted 3 beads with my initials on in lieu of adding a signature!

Here is an image of the full finished painting:

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